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 Website Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Process  

On-page Optimization Process:-


Actually my On-page optimization process is nothing but the compilation of the expert’s technique. For this issue I follow the following 12 steps.

Down_Arrow_image Step1. Website Analysis: At first analysis the website- its category, Targeted Customers- (Male / Female / Both; their Age; their Income) / Target Market- (Local / National / Worldwide) = ? ? ? ?

***Note down the information and remember it for every steps of the SEO.***

Down_Arrow_image Step2. Competitor Analysis: For find out the Website’s Competitor :-
=> Search the targeted website’s keyword into Google and see the SERP’s result      from top.
=> Note down the URL’s (Uniform Resource Locator) list. These websites are the       competitor of the targeted website.
=> Search more and more keywords of the targeted website and list the results     (URL) in a Excel spreadsheet.
=> Compile list of the URL at least top 20 sites.
=> Analysis the competitor’s keywords, content, website structure, weak      point,details.
=> Compare it with the targeted website’s keywords, content, web structure.

Down_Arrow_image Step3. Keyword Research & Analysis: Keywords research and analysis is an important issue for all kinds of website’s Rank or its Visitor. For this I follow the following 6 steps.
=> No. 1. Brainstorm: Think who is your Target Customer/Market?
=> No. 2. Search or Listen about your website for collect the keywords/ group      of words idea.
=> No. 3. Categorize: Then Categorize the collected keywords / keywords
=> No. 4. Research: Use Keywords Research Tools (Free tools like, , finally use Google Keyword Planner)/ (Google adword paid )
=> No. 5. Compile: Export spreadsheets for Compile the results / idea and sort it      by High Visitor and low Competition wise.
=> Last Step: Choose the Keywords , Keywords Phrases for your website.
    Click here For details about Keywords Rearch.

Down_Arrow_image Step 4. Website Structure Optimization: For Website Structure Optimization you will have to remember the following tips:
No.1 The internal linking of the pages is ok.
No.2 So that the Pages of your website is easily found by the user.
No.3 Remember that the page’s title, the keywords and the page’s URL should be same or related so that it is easy to found for search engine crawler / robots.
No.4 Website should view mobile friendly.
No.5 Always remember that your website structure should be easy and user friendly.

Down_Arrow_image Step 5. Image Optimization: Confirm that your all images have alter tag so that search engine crawler / robots found it. And your image should optimized for website (size should small and png/jpeg format)

Down_Arrow_image Step 6. Meta Tag Optimization: You should include meta tags ( keywords and description ) into your all pages, it should between 70-160 characters.

Down_Arrow_image Step 7. Other Useful Tags Optimization: Other useful tags like heading tag <'h1'>to<'h6'> should use carefully. <'h1'> tag should use only once in a page and it should be match with the title tag, meta tag and most important keywords/keywords phrases of the page. Then other tag ( <'h2'> to <'h6'> ) should use here and there in the pages also should match with the keywords and the meta tag.

Down_Arrow_image Step 8. Content Optimization: Your website’s content should be unique and user friendly so that the user often visits your site with satisfaction. If your content/topic is unique, Google and other search engine will save it in its database. When anybody searches about the content/topic, your site will be show on top of the search engine result pages (SERP). If you update your websites content sometimes, Google and other search engine crawls your site several time and your site will get extra benefit for it.

Down_Arrow_image Step 9. Google Tools Setup: Google analytics setup, Google webmaster tools setup is also required so that the great search engine easily found the website’s pages, and help you if any problem (URL link problem/visibility problem) found in the website, also track the website’s visitor with details report.

Down_Arrow_image Step 10. Sitemap Creation: Create a sitemap for the search engine so that Google crawler and robots easily find the pages and index the pages into its database for future search.

Down_Arrow_image Step 11. Robots.txt Creation: Create Robots.txt file so that Google not show that pages during show any search results. That means which pages you won’t to show the search result.

Last Step. RSS Feeds Creation: You should create a RSS Feeds so that your users may update with your websites content and visit your site.

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