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Off-page Optimization Process:-


=> #6 Info Graphic Submissions: Today most of the people are very much busy. They want to save their time by seeing a summary report of any website or an Article. For this reason Info Graphic websites is famous. And its popularity also increases day by day. First you will have to summarize your information in a single page with attractive design then submit it to the Info Graphic Submission Sites List. Here is a vast list of Info Graphic Submission Websites; you may submit your file by visiting the website. There you will have to follow the instruction of that websites. By submitting your document and websites link you may get traffic / potential customer for your websites and business. It will help to increase your websites popularity and also ‘SERP’s report.

=> #7 Directory Submission (Citation Submission): You can increase your websites popularity / websites search ranking by submitting your web directory into the related Directory Submission Websites. Before submit your data, you will have to select the targeted email, Meta tag, Keywords, a Description. Then you will have to find out the related website, sometimes you need to register and follow some instruction of that site and submit your websites link into the directory. Sometimes you may need to submit the company Name, Address, Phone No., and Zip Code. Here is a vast list of Directory Submission website list.

=> #8 Article Submission: Article Submission is also a powerful and most popular technique for increase your website traffic and Rank. For this you may write any article or rewrite it by using software then find out related article submission website list. Then login into a site and follow the instruction for submitting your article. Here is some popular Article Submission Website List. Do follow,,,, spinnerchip.

=> #9 Social Book Marking: Social Book Marking is also a well-known and effective Off-page SEO Technique. Most of the SEO experts use the Mechanism for increase their website's visitor. For submitting you will have to follow the assigned instruction of the submitting site. There are very much problem you will have to face while submitting your Social Book Marking. Find out Submit a Story/ Submit a New Story/ Submit button for submit your Social Book Marking and follow the instruction. Here is some Genuine Social Book Marking Websites List you may submit your site easily.

=> #10 Google Local Listing: You may add your website / business address into Google Map.

=> #11 Profile Submission: Create a Profile about your Website and submit it into various Profile submission site.

=> #12 Classified Add Submission: By following some instructions you may post your business / products add into the Classified Add Submission site. Here is some popular Classified Add Submission Site List.

=> #13 Image Submission: First login and then submit your websites Image into the image submission site like Here is most popular Image submission website list you may easily submit your images.

=> #14 Search Engine Submission : You will have to submit your website into various Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Torch etc. a link is here

=> #15 Blog Commenting: Search Related Blog site => Read the comments => Comments with your href/ link. Here is most popular Blog Commenting Website List.

=> #16 Guest Post Blog: Search Related Blog site => Read the comments => Login for Comments => Comments with your href/ link.

=> #17 Video Submission: Create Video=> Search Video Submission Site => Submit your Video with your href/ link. Previous.

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