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 Website Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Process  

Off-page Optimization Process:-


After complete any website's design and development it will have to inform the visitors/users and the Serarch Engines (Google/Yahoo/Bing...) for increase its popularity, publicity, promotion and Page Rank. For this SEO Expert's follow their various techniques which is outside the website's pages called Off-page Optimization. Most of the SEO Experts follow the following Mechanism :---------------

Down_Arrow_image #1 Press Release: At first write down a press release properly: That means
a) Select a perfect Title which should be related with your Title tag, meta tag, heading tag (‘h1’),
b) Include some special keywords,
c) Select a introduction about your website’s summary,
d) Select a description about your website (Minimum 175-200 words)
e) Find out Press Release submission site’s list and follow the instruction of that site for submission and Submit it.

=> #2 Email Marketing: Email Marketing means by email you will have to inform your targeted customers about your website/your products or your business. Now a day’s email marketing is one of the powerful marketing techniques of the world. Its popularity is well-known over the world which is increase day by day. Most of the people who use internet have more than two or three email address. So everybody inform their information to the people very easily by sending mail. For this you may use some software like Groupmail/ etc for sending the mail. You will have to create an attractive description with 1-2 URL links of your website. I have a lot of email over the world and I use Groupmail and gmail for sending the mail.

=> #3 Social Media Marketing: Most of the people of the world use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin, YouTube etc. These are the Social Media site and when we use that social site for increase our website’s traffic/page rank or increase our product’s publicity then it is called Social Media Marketing. I am able to use the social media site right way. You may get the real benefit for your website by using the powerful technique of the social media site. These are very simple, Just open the account nursing it and get benefit from it. For example: If you have a Facebook account and a Facebook Fun Page, you may Share your websites content with your keywords and page link over the world and collect traffic/potential customer from the public, besides you may direct post your product for sale into the Facebook Group Page. For all kinds of work search engine note down your activities and give you more priority.

=> #4 PPT Submission: PPT means Microsoft PowerPoint. People usually use Power point for presentations their company information, their new products, their idea or their newly launched website’s summary. By using Power point you can easily convince your audience. Because here is a lot of attractive Mechanism like sound, picture, stylish slide etc. I have a lot of PPT Submission website list where you may submit your websites presentation easily. As a result your website will get more traffic and search engine give your site more priority. For this you will have to login first and follow the instruction of that website.

=> #5 Forum Commenting: Forum Commenting is also a powerful Mechanism of the SEO. There are various kinds of Forum. As many man so many minds and their profession, culture, nature is also different. In these cases people build up their different community where they exchange their information, plan, organization news, their internal feedback. These activities are well-known as forum activities. When someone comments into their links is called forum commenting. Here you may join with the forum and share your idea, give comments and find a suitable chance for add your related websites link for generate traffic and SEO purpose. Here is a vast list of Forum Commenting Websites List. Read More.

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